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I have no scent
I have no sound
I have no flesh
I am transitory
See-through, pass through
I am nothing

July 23rd     12:00 pm

“ Before I am your daughter,
your sister,
your aunt, niece, or cousin,
I am my own person,
and I will not set fire to myself
to keep you warm. ”

— 1/? Things To Remember 

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July 22nd     12:00 pm

All she wanted
was find a place to stretch her bones
A place to lengthen her smiles
and spread her hair
A place where her legs could walk
without cutting and bruising
A place unchained
She was born out of ocean breath.
I reminded her;
‘Stop pouring so much of yourself
into hearts that have no room for themselves
Do not thin yourself
Be vast
You do not bring the ocean to a river’

you are oceanic, Tapiwa Mugabe

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July 21st     12:00 pm

July 20th     12:00 pm


Olaf Stapledon, Star Maker

July 19th     12:00 pm

“ I hope you feel empty when you think of me. ”

— Even (#73: January 16, 2014)

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July 18th     12:00 pm

July 17th     12:00 pm

“ My “yes”s do not extend to every question. If you want to touch me, you still have to ask. You are not given the inarguable right just because I have agreed to go to dinner. No, I don’t have to thank you by letting you unbutton my jeans. No, I am not a “tease” because I laughed loudly at your jokes and, when you talked about missing your dad, reached across the table to touch your hand. I am not in your debt because you did not force me to go home with you after I drank three glasses of wine. I do not have to thank you because you did not take advantage of me. If I do not call you back, you do not have to insult me to your friends. I am not stupid, I am not a bitch, I am not a slut, I am not here just to boost your ego. The reason girls do not call you back is not because you are “too nice.” It is not because “girls like jerks.” It is because you’ve branded yourself as a “nice guy,” even though expecting affection for being polite makes you anything but. ”

To The Nice Guy Who Invited Me To Dinner | Lora Mathis 

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