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I have no scent
I have no sound
I have no flesh
I am transitory
See-through, pass through
I am nothing

August 28th     12:00 pm

“Literature is made of good and bad, demons and angels, and more and more [critics] are only worried about my demons.” Orhan Pamuk, as a young man, at his drawing table in Istanbul. 

August 27th     12:00 pm

“ I. I was the first person to teach you that love was not always a white light to a ship lost at sea.

II. On my worst days, the sky was a festering wound that wouldn’t heal. I didn’t want to be that to you.

III. On my worst days, you were the only word I could say without clenching my fists.

IV. I really did love you, I just couldn’t claw my way out of the ground to do it properly.

V. None of this was your fault.

VI. I’m sorry I was your lighthouse. I’m sorry you couldn’t see the wall of rocks on my shore. ”

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August 26th     12:00 pm

“ We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free. ”

Kavita Ramdas 

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August 25th     12:00 pm

August 24th     12:00 pm

“ Some women are
lost in the fire.
Some women are
built from it. ”

Michelle K., Some.

August 23rd     12:00 pm

“ I am alone here in my own mind.
There is no map and there is no road. ”

— Anne Sexton, “January 24th” 

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August 22nd     12:00 pm